“Visits and Visitors” – Indepth Analysis

visits and visitors

We have now got the feel of what we actually mean by page views, visits and visitors from our previous blog post. If you haven’t read it, it will be great if you can just brush up your concepts by clicking on the link below.


To make things easier to understand for you, we take an amazing example. This example will clear your concept of page views, cookies ,visits and visitors. We take an excel sheet to explain you in a better manner.

Please click on the link below to view the excel sheet –


The excel sheet shows the result of the analysis, i.e. total number of visitors who came on the website at the end of all sessions. But, how did we analyze that, what is the inference we take from the available data, will be clearly explained now.

Firstly, we take the first user with unique ID 191023. This user cam eon the website at 1:05PM through email marketing campaign. He is using Mozilla Firefox as the browser. This means the website will analyze it as 1 visitor making visit. Then, in the next shot the same user clicks on digital marketing page at 1:45PM. The user definitely has done some activity but after a duration of 30mins gap. Thus, the visitor remains the same but visit become 2. Next the user come from a different marketing campaign and a different browser also, which leads to new visit and a new visitors. You can take any of the above as reasons. Finally,due to change of campaign and browser too, the visits and visitors change. This means in total now there are 4 visits and 3 visitors recorded by Google Analytics.

Secondly, comes the user with ID 1802012. Firstly, the user come on a website recording one visit and one visitor. But, subsequently it comes from a different marketing campaign resulting in a new visit and new visitor. Even though the the page is changed between 30mins, due to change in campaign the number of visits and visitors change. Finally, it is recorded digihooks had 2 visits and 2 visitors came on the website.

Finally, the last ID , 1452012 visits the website through LinkedIn at 3:30Pm but clicks on the next page at 4:05Pm i.e. after 30mins. This leads to Google Analytics recording 2 visits and 1 visitor.

At the end when Google Analytics report will come out then we will see that the website got 8 visits and 6 visitors in between 1:05 PM to 4:05PM.

This example explains in brief how we can understand from the report the meaning of number of visits and visitors on your website.

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