A memorable train journey: Jaipur to Kolkata

train journey

This blog is very special to my heart as it shows the immaturity,innocence,fear of failing once again and a discussion among two friends who want to do something big in life.

I was traveling from Jaipur to Kolkata after my B.Tech semester exams. Just to inform you traveling from Jaipur – Kolkata was not easy. There were only two trains to Kolkata and getting tickets was no less than winning the man of the match in a cricket match. There were several other students traveling with us. Few of them going to Bihar and UP and only 3 of us to Kolkata. I still remember we waited almost 4 hours in line to get tatkal tickets and after that struggle we managed to get only two confirmed tickets. So here is the situation folks. Around 12 boys and 2 confirmed tickets.

We were traveling by Jodhpurs-Howrah and it used to take atleast 34-38 hours (considering that it will always be 4-5hrs late). Our train timing was around 12:30AM so we left from our college at 6:30PM for the station so that we can roam around in GT (one and the only place to check out girls during our college time) and have our dinner at some ‘sasta’ Punjabi Dhaba and then head for the station. After that heavy Tandoori Roti and Paneer we headed towards the Jaipur Station.The stomach was so full that taking a small power nap was just unavoidable. And then the sound of the engine gives a signal that it’s time to enjoy the struggle for the next 35 hours. Friends shouting “Bhai ye wala compartment khaali hai,Idhar aaja” and someone shouting “Udhar mat jaa wahan TT Sabse pahle check karta hai”. It was complete confusion out there and i was just thinking to stick with the guy who has a confirmed seat. There were few of my batchmates who were pretty confident of getting a confirmed seat by bribing the TT and eventually all of them came back with disheartening results. Believe me that feeling is even worse than getting a back in your semester exam. So here we were around 12 guys and 2 confirmed seat.

The first thing that one of my friend and i did was to put our luggage under that confirmed seat and then think about sitting somewhere. One of the goal was over and then we started to look for a place to sit. We managed to get a seat this time but we were kicked out by people who were sleeping there and were asked to look for another one. My friend and i, as usual, gave some slangs to that passenger (galiyan sirf man main) and started looking for another vacant or even half vacant seat. This time, we didn’t fail.We finally got a place to sit.This was one of the best seats we would have got with a waiting list ticket. It was empty and we could feel the cold breeze as if we were in 3 tier AC compartment. Yaa Yaa, you guessed it write – we were sitting at the door.  

The next 3 hours of conversation was one of the most epic conversations of my life. It is the flow of emotions of two guys who want to put their best efforts and rise above all odds in life.The conversation is about the struggle they are facing in their college life with the crowd and the atmosphere they are stuck in and then comes their dreams and what they want from life.

So just to give you a background we were studying in a decent private college in Jaipur and we came up to this college with a lot of hopes and dreams to recreate the magic which we had lost during our class 12th. After a disappointing engineering result, we ended up landing here. We excelled in our engineering exams and had a good reputation in our college.We were considered among those who were too worried about future and doing too many things which were not even required for an engineering student.

Coming back to where we were – train journey. Our seating arrangement was awesome and it now seems that particular situation was meant to have some great discussion.The only thing i think missing was a can of beer. Aaah that would have been a cherry on the cake.

We were pissed of with our placement team and coordinators who were serving now for our seniors.We thought that some students deserved to get some good jobs.We always thought that our college management could have done an extra bit for their students. We were sitting quietly and enjoying the breeze and suddenly i told my friend – “Bhai ek din aisa hoga ki we will land up getting a big shot job and hum aise office me kaam karenge jahan free coffee bhi milenge”. Haha- Sounds so weird and funny right.But understand the perspective of the guy who is looking at his seniors finding hard to get a good job.I didn’t get any reply from him and suddenly he tells me “dekhna yaar ye mehnat khaali nahin jaega and one day we will go abroad as well”. That was the time when going abroad was a dream come true and now we both have traveled to different countries more than 4 times from our respective offices and it’s not a big deal for anyone but that time during college it was kind of one checklist boxes for us. I was also motivated by hearing his thought and told him let’s talk to our management once we returned back and do something about our future atleast.

We started to discuss how some of our teachers used to only talk about passing and not about excelling in the exams.Discussing our personal lives and how Kolkata being a metro was so different from Jaipur and how Jaipur helped us in grooming us in some or the other way. The funniest discussions came when we used to talk about our warden whom everyone use to call as 45 degrees (that was the angle his ass use to make while walking). Every now and then discussing the girls hostel made our conversation more interesting.

train journey

We were so engrossed in our talks that we never realized that it was 6AM in the morning. All the chaiwalas came in with their amazing slogan of ‘Chaiii Chaiiii Garam’. Suddenly we see that the train actually stops before Agra Fort station for a while and we take this opportunity to come out of the train and relax for a while. We took some random pictures and came back when we heard the engine sound. Once we came inside the train i told my friend “Dude jis din ye batein sach hui na tujhe phone jarur karunga”. And you know people we did call each other. It’s good that we never forgot that journey – a long but a very interesting train journey.

“Kuch raaste lambe hone ke baad bhi bade hi chote lagte hain

Kuch batein kum hone ke baad bhi yaadgaar  hoti hain

Aisa hi tha humara vo safar  doston

Vo railgaadi ki chuuk chuuk ahi bhi dil me ek sitar ki tarah bajti hain”


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