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personal branding

“Personal Branding” – Promote yourself and remind the world why you are special and why will it be more special for others to do business with you.

In this digital world each and every individual is fighting for their unique existence. All of us want to be known, want to be famous and want to bring some value to the environment. But, the main question lies here, how many of us actually do it. Or we can twist the question in other way that how many of us are able to do it successfully.

Currently, where every business is moving online and our personal lives are also not hidden from anybody, personal branding has become the necessity. When we see a big star or an icon , we all get that feeling – “I can also do that”. Guys, it’s not not about saying I can do that, it’s about doing that and showcasing it to the world. And I bet you will be as famous as that person.

Talking about personal brand, today we have got with us one of the wellknown personalities of India. She has made her way into Persona Branding in the times when girls were asked to just take care of the house. She is the role model of many entrepreneurs and one of the perfect examples set for “Women Empowerment”.

Ladies and gentlemen we present to you the owner of Panache studio – “Tanvi Bhat”.

A scientist turned Entrepreneur, Tanvi is an award winning Brand Strategist and globally acclaimed champion for women’s economic empowerment. She has received national as well as international awards. Celebrating her pioneering work in the Personal Branding industry in India-the latest being the prestigious Stevie Award for Young Woman Entrepreneur conferred upon her in New York in November 2014.

personal branding

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In one on one conversation with the expert of Personal Branding – “Tanvi Bhatt”

1. If given a chance to describe Tanvi Bhatt in few lines, what would you say?

Tanvi is a Bold Dreamer. She personifies the thought- that nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself and lead your dreams to make them come true.

2. You have achieved quite a lot, so many awards and recognition, which is the one that is closest to your heart?

The Stevie Award for Young Woman Entrepreneur, which I received in November 2014, is the most treasured accolade, as the Stevies are globally respected as the Oscars of the Business World.

3. You are MBA in marketing, you must have got job opportunities in many companies and could have done what the general public was doing. SO, what actually pushed you to move into this sphere of “PERSONAL BRANDING” which was a niche field? Was it a genuine try to become an entrepreneur or it happened through the course of life?

I am an accidental entrepreneur. I became an Entrepreneur much before I decided to pursue my MBA. I started Panache in 2007, as a hobby which I was able to evolve into the Premier Personal Branding Company in India in 2011-post my MBA. I decided to venture into the Personal Branding industry, because it is a super specialized industry and back in 2011-nobody in India was talking or doing the anything in this domain.

5. Please tell us about your company Panache studio?

At Panache, I partner with business leaders, thought leaders and entrepreneurs in their pursuit of Thought Leadership and Personal Brand Building. I help them discover their brand promise, craft a compelling story around it and communicate their brand both internally as well as externally to evolve as influential icons of their industry.

5. Does speaking in Public come to you naturally or it is because of genuine try and effort?

Earlier it didn’t. But now I am more confident of the value and impact I deliver to my audience. I have always been very passionate about public speaking and inspiring others with the power of words! My dream is to have my audience enthralled by what I share and how I share so that when I stop, they implore me to go on and on…. That’d would be professional nirvana for me!

6. Please give our reader an overview of your journey from a Graduate to one of the famous personalities in branding arena?

Almost immediately after my B.Tech, Panache was founded by me in 2007 as a Corporate Excellence Studio focused on empowering people to personify corporate excellence, which later evolved into the first ever Personal Branding Company in India in 2012. In 2011, I recognized a growing disconnect in the Indian Corporate Society and the west. I foresaw a future where merely your corporate excellence was not going to be the yardstick to measure your professional brand equity-this marked the evolution of Panache from a Corporate Excellence Studio into a Personal Branding Company- thus bringing the billion dollar industry of Personal Branding to India.

7. Did everything come easily to you or you also faced some rejections and downside during the growing phase?

Except my passion to excel nothing came easily to me in the last 3 years-especially once I started evangelizing the ideology of Personal Branding. There’s been a constant resistance by a section of the Indian Corporate that undermines the value and the guts of the youth-especially a 20 something young woman out there with revolutionary ideas-that challenge the status quo!

I don’t believe in downsides-I think every business has a learning curve and the industry a maturity stage. The personal branding industry in India is barely in its infancy stage, so there’s a long-long way to go.

8. People say “If you have it, flaunt it” – Do you believe in that?

I do; but with a slight twist. If you have it-and it adds exclusive value to others-flaunt it away. Because if you don’t, then that would be criminal.

9. What would you like to say about the growth of digital marketing in India? Do you think it is high time, people should start thinking to understand the value of personal branding?

The future is digital; but the future knocked yesterday. India is still a young digital economy and hence the penetration of digital in terms of personal brand management is yet to be leveraged. In the next 3 to 5 years your online brand identity, visibility, footprint and equity is going to replace your resume. It’s time for the future leaders of our corporate to start proactive personal brand building to stay relevant and valuable.

10. How has social media helped Tanvi Bhatt in what she is now?

Immensely. I would say 50% of my brand and business efforts are invested in social media management. Having said that unlike the western thought leaders who invest 90% of their existence in social presence, I personally feel there’s a lot that I need to do for the Brand ME.

11. All your social media activities or other digital marketing activities like analytics, SEO are handled by you or it has been outsourced to any organization?

I outsource my analytics to the experts, only then one can focus on the essentials rather than micro manage and do a sub-standard job. But I still personally handle my social media-because that my personal window to the world and for the world to me.

12. Which platform of social media has been more significant for you Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google +, Instagram and Pinterest. Please rate in decreasing order?

LinkedIn and Twitter are my favorite and have been instrumental in my business as well. Followed by Facebook, Google +, Instagram and Pinterest.

13. What measures or things you keep in mind before posting anything on your blog or social media?

2 things: Is my content relevant and exclusive and Is it ME-Does it have my brand signature. These 2 checklists are imperative before your voice your brand online.

14. Where do you think we are lagging behind in understand the basic facts of personal branding?

Fabulous question! And intriguing one. Branding is beyond comprehension for the one-who thinks it is about a logo and a punch line. Branding is esoteric at every level-it emerges from the soul of the person, the product, the service, the company, the place, etc.. and gets personified in the hearts and minds of the community as an experience. Branding is an experience which is to be discovered, designed and delivered to create a truly unique footprint and a sustainable legacy for the future.

Branding is an art and a science too. And only the true connoisseurs of knowledge, the purveyors of curiosity and the insatiable artists will ever be able to understand and master the experience called branding. Rest, can enjoy the spoils until then…

15. For the readers of digihooks , can you please state 3 points which people should try and practice which can help them in their Personal Branding?

1. Practice and Practice: Practice your Brand Value such that you excel beyond competition; and Practice your Brand Value such that you make competition irrelevant.

2. Be Visible and Valuable: Always be accessible and visible in your brand community doing your brand karma, by adding inimitable value to your community to enrich their lives

3. Be a Dreamer and a Doer: Always focus on the one change you yearn to make in people’s lives, celebrate that dream every single second by doing things which make your dream come true and create that legacy and impact in the world.

This is one of the best interaction one can have regarding personal branding. We have to realize the fact that in this competitive world until n unless we have a unique presence we will never be noticed. Thus, recommended to all the readers- learn from what Tanvi has said and try and explore & express yourself.

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