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digihooks, by the name , it indicates that it has got something to do with – “Digital Marketing”. 

digihooks, has been compiled together to provide the readers indepth analysis of how the new style of marketing is creating its wonderful effects on all fields. For understanding all of it, digihooks makes sure that you don’t require any pre-requisite knowledge about it.Digihooks mainly focuses to bring out the various concepts of digital marketing. It will help readers to understand various concepts of Social Media, SEO and SEM. Email Marketing and inbound marketing strategies will also help users to complete their knowledge of digital marketing . We also bring various guest bloggers, trainers to speak about their experience on various aspects of marketing. They will help in providing us a real time expertise and problems that they face. Including interviews of various companies will also provide readers to get the feel of what startups are doing now a days.

“Being Social covers another section of the digihooks. Being an active participant on the social platforms, blogger-Vikash Singh, loves to write about random stuffs like- Lifestyle,Travel, Controversies etc. It will definitely make the readers get attached to various topics which they are experiencing in their daily life. Digihooks tries to bring all the experiences and its thought about the general issues. It actually provides a platform to bloggers to showcase their story. The best point of it is that its easy and you do not have to have any technical knowledge for it.

Make In India-Last but not the least digihooks also focuses on the latest trend that is being used or needs to be used in the manufacturing sector of India to make sure the initiative taken by India’s Prime Minister- Mr. Narendra Modi, is fulfilled and India can be known for products that are “MADE IN INDIA”. This section of digihooks provides the indepth analysis of what is the future of manufacturing in India. It also helps to know what is going around in the current market of manufacturing.