make in india

Make In India Manufacturing is more than just putting parts together. It’s coming up with ideas, testing principles and perfecting the engineering, as well as final assembly.” – By James Dyson

The picture above has a lot of things to say. It speaks about the motive behind the initiative of Make In India. It clearly shows which sector of India it basically tries to target.It also defines that assembling all the inputs together at the end is most important and valuable work.

This Section of the blog majorly focuses on the manufacturing in India. It also explains latest trends and the problems that needs to be removed to achieve our targets.

The video by “Make In India” group will make the motive of the initiative more clear.

India’s Prime Minister- Narendra Modi began started his tenure with the most discussed and appreciated initiative of modern India called as “MAKE IN INDIA”. This is basically to make sure whatever that is being imported from other countries should be manufactured in India itself. The major stress is being put on the defense sector where most of the equipments are bought from foreign countries. The focus has been clearly put to the manufacturing companies to provide best products to the customer which are not imported , but made here only.

Make In India initiative has been given lot of appreciation because of the reasons behind it. The positive chances of this being a great success for the nation has given it a push. The experts can see the future to be bright. With all kind of facilities being available here, with some of the worlds most intelligent brains being here, they can do wonders.

A video by “Rajya Sabha Tv” brings out some of the challenges Indian Manufacturing will have to face.

The success of the mars mission by ISRO at a cost which was less than what it took to make the movie “Gravity”. India has once again made a strong statement to the world regarding its potential.

“When we do things, we do it in the most efficient manner, we are cost effective, and believe me we do it the BEST”

“Make In India” will surely be a success if we are ready be pro active , change our old strategies and become ready to remove the errors before it occurs.

Manufacturing in India will change for sure and we hope it is for the better and surely automation will play big role in it.