Lakshmi Rebecca – A name that has become a Brand

Lakshmi Rebecca

We Indians don’t really need any excuse for being laid back. We can always easily get through it by finding some or the other easy route. We may then blame it to parents or situations or do it in the name of some kind of responsibilities. The fear of failing and not making it big is what pulls us down. We are named by our parents and most of us die with it but there are very few people who strive to move forward and turn their dreams into reality. We have very few people who are able to make their name as a brand. These personalities do not become famous overnight. There is a lot of research work, labor ,vision behind their success and most importantly the hunger to become successful in them.

Digihooks, introduces all the readers to one such personality who has become one of the well known personalities of this digital and social world. Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you Lakshmi Rebecca.

Lakshmi Rebecca, is one of those names who has proved her multitasking abilities and versatile character several times. She holds an M.Sc degree in International Marketing, she is a director, a producer, an anchor, and a brilliant host. Besides these, she is a Blogger, a model and a biker. Lakshmi has proved her abilities in all the fields. We all have heard of stories where people run away from their home to lead their life on their own way and fulfill their dreams,but, I would say Lakshmi is a living example to all of us. She came out of her place, started her modelling career and did many shows as an anchor. Later in 2011, she started her own production house – RED BANGLE under which she made more than 300 different films- add films, short movies, conducted interviews etc. This production house gave her immense recognition, experience and a chance to innovate and experiment more with her skills. Lakshmi Rebecca has her articles featured in various print and digital media like Bangalore mirror, etc.

What happened next was big. In June 2011,Lakshmi came out with her award winning online talk show “CHAI WITH LAKSHMI.” This talk show has showcased more than 125 videos that includes entrepreneurs and people of different age and gender who have made an impact on society. Chai With Lakshmi focuses on the need to bring out those individuals who are putting their heart and soul to make the future of this country better. This talk show has won many awards like Manthan Award and Rotary BSE-SME award. A talk show which started in 2011 with a vision to create a difference has now more than 3 million views.

Digihooks, interviewed Lakshmi Rebecca about her work and her journey so far.We present the interactive session with the woman behind “Chai With Lakshmi”.

1. Please tell us about your journey from a being a student of International marketing to becoming a well known face on social media?

I don’t think I learnt enough about being digital in my postgraduate course. Whatever I and I guess most people in this sector, have learnt about being on the digital platform or digital marketing has happened organically. The more you keep up with what is trending, the sooner you learn what might work for your own content and brand. Also, the more you learn and apply, the more you will innovate.

2. People say “If you have it, flaunt it” – Do you believe in that?

I believe in: If you believe in it, scream about it. And people will see the belief and engage with you and your brand. This is the present requirement.

3. How has social media helped Lakshmi Rebecca in what she is now? All your social media activities or other digital marketing activities like analytics,SEO are handled by you or it has been outsourced to any organization?

These are handled by the internal team, but we don’t really invest much in SEO apart from the basics. We have an excellent teams which takes care of the various aspects of digital marketing. Obviously, for digital content, social conversations on these content is important for content discovery, viewership and sharing.

4. Which platform of social media has been more significant for you Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Instagram and Pinterest. Please rate in decreasing order?

I think they work together, in combination. You have to b clever about how you use each of them. Rating them will be foolish as what works for me may not work for someone else.It differs from brand to brand and their requirements.

5. Please tell us some strategies you used for marketing your show via YouTube?

a) We don’t advertise, we’ve grown organically
b) We have found platforms that love our content and will happily share them
c) On YouTube, when you don’t spend on marketing, it is an organic game of discovery. You have to wait to be discovered.

6. What measures or things you keep in mind before posting anything on your blog or social media?

a) Do I want to share it and how of it do I want to share?
b) Can I share it as honestly and personally as I can?
(And both of the above apply to a blog to that is personal, not professional)

7. Can you please state top 5 points to our readers who want to move into starting their own talk shows or any other show on YouTube?

– Find a topic you are most passionate about
– be prepared to stick it out for a couple of years to create and refine the idea
– Figure out who your partners are going to be: people who will help you make and share the content
– Be prepared to shell out money on content production for at least a year before you see real returns or have an associated revenue strategy
– Do your homework / research well before you start

8. Any suggestions for the readers of digihooks who are aspiring entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurship is a long term journey filled with the pursuit of great new ideas. Let the great new idea bite you, and entrepreneurship will follow.

Lakshmi Rebecca, a girl who started her career with the hope of achieving and doing what she wants, brings out the main facts of the belief and passion that she has towards her work. The way she has been able to capture the insights of this digital world of marketing with her amazing skills, is really commendable.

Digihooks will reach out to you with more such inspirational stories and interactive sessions with many other people who dared to make it large and have utilized the digital marketing methodology to the best way possible.

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