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Friends, a small word but it means a lot. From our childhood we make friends, we leave some, some of them leave us, we remember some and some are forgotten. But believe me, each of them plays a special role in our life and the time we spend together leaves a beautiful impression on our mind which we relish throughout our lives as fond memories.

12b rockers

Same happened with me and 12 other amazing people, rather I would say 12 other “BOYYSSSS”. We were 13 of us, and believe me number 13 never proved to be unlucky for us, as our bonding is still as strong as it was 8 years back. We called ourselves as “12b Rockers”. I am sure you will be able to understand after reading the post that why this name was given to us and who kept it.

A group that had intelligent guys, talented ones, few into sports, one or two all-rounders and the most important quality which united us all was our mischievous nature. Let me introduce you to all the characters of this amazing group.

friends goa trip

Aniket Mishra (Tall guy, we use to call him Mishra Ji, good in studies till class 10th,only person who had a bike and most importantly the only person who had enough pocket money always. The good reputation that he had built for 10 years were almost wiped out during the last two years of his school and some of the group members even blame me for that,lol…,simple person with a heart of gold).

Aloke Joshi (All-rounder, good in studies, teachers used to like him a lot, he was the chief prefect of our school, his favorite pass time was doing “UNGLI”)

Ansul Gupta (childhood friend, very studious, teachers favorite, short heighted and seemed innocent but in reality, he was NOT).

Chaitanya Mishra (The fatty acid of our group, we called him “DADA”, the guys who knows everything, you ask him about the ISRO’s mission of 2014, he would have predicted it in 2006 itself, he was the one who played the best basketball, not when the match was going on but after it was over and when the only opposition he had was the basket in front of him).

Chandan Maskara (he was the only one who was as mischievous as I was from the beginning of our session, we took some time to gel up but when we did,it was some different level of friendship. He was good in studies, he also had good reputation among the teachers but it all changed when he was moving out of the school just like most of us. Chandan and I used to sit together and most of the amazing pranks came out of our mind boggling creative minds. He had a very vulgar posture specially when he used to play Basket…,I think our sense of humor matched a lot which helped us to get along well).

Chetan Agarwal and Nitish Gupta (I am naming both of them together because they were the only ones among our group who used to study.Because of them we were saved in few tests and exams. Both the Champion students also destroyed most of our plans of outing. Nitish is a geek, I still refer him as “PAGLA” , I always thought that he will surely become a scientist someday- wearing “Chappals” during exams, carrying books in a plastic bag sometimes, studying like that was the only thing to do and not so surprisingly teachers used to tell him not to sit with us .On the other hand, Chetan Agarwal- another studious guy but was completely opposite to Nitish. He started bunking classes with us, playing basketball- even though he did not know anything about it.We used to call him “MUNSHI” because just like Aniket, he also had money in his pocket but each and every penny was calculated in his mind. Believe me guys,this habbit hasn’t changed much till now. Now he uses an application called “splitwise” to do the job for him. We also call him 18L as he was the only person who was placed with a starting package of 18lakhs while everyone else were still hanging around 4.5lakhs. Chetan took an initiative of forming a group when we were out of school and named it “12b Rockers” because the section that we belonged to was 12b in our school HARIYANA VIDYA MANDIR. I always tell him his humble nature and the way he follows his instincts makes him special.

Gaurav Sultania ( also known as GAURI or SULTU, he was considered to be Mayank’s husband, both were best friends, he never used to speak out much during those days but has surely developed good sense of humor recently. A good science student, hard-working, one of the most quiet members of our group)

Mayank Agarwal (known as “NATU” was just the shortest one in our class but had guts to do big things and challenge people who were double his size.The guy used to have only one big tiffin box and few cd’s in his whole bag-there is a story to this also.He believed in hardwork and succeeded because of it . He was the most loved person of our group and the one who got stripped maximum number of times after Chetan. I would say we were not that close till the time we were in school but yes from the past 2 years Mayank is the first person whom I call up whenever I am in trouble and he has been a great support for me.

Sidhart Agarwal, the only person of our group who was not from the same school. We met this guy during our IIT coaching classes, and from day 1 we all gelled up nicely with him. He is always a part of all our discussions and by now he knows everything about our school. He considers himself to be what we call in Hindi as “Kamina”, but I think he is not even 1% of it. He is one of the persons who has taken some brave decisions regarding his future and that has definitely paid off.

Tejas Namboodri (“Tejas, Ansul,Gaurav and me were friends from Vth standard, I still call him as “BOODRI BHAI”, he was the perfect all-rounder of our group, loved by teachers, good in studies,head boy of our school, bhukhad like most of us. Most of us thought that Tejas will never be in touch with anyone of us after school, but he has proved everyone wrong. The guys traveled for 25 hours only to meet us for a day. He is the one who is in touch with everybody and I think each one of the rockers have a lot respect for him)

Last but not the least, Vikash Singh, that’s me, an average student, spent my last two years in school only by playing, and doing mischievous stuffs, nobody expected me to take up science when I got 81% in class 10 .The one who was always craving for fame, attention and definitely tasted the part of it. I had good sense of humor which helped me to gel up with not only our group but other students as well.

I would like to name some other friends who were very close to all of us during our last two years of schooling- Chetan Gupta (Chaddi Buddy), Harsh Beriwal and Vishal Dhona.

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It all started when we all passed our class 10 exams and entered in class 11b. First day of school and I found all the studious boys sitting around me. But the only common point that I can remember was that each and everyone of our group came up to the last bench and sat there almost in a huddle. Aniket joined school almost after a month when we all had started to mingle. Hindi class used to be the best of the lot because girls from arts section used to come for joint classes. Gossiping about the girls definitely played the role of Fevicol in our bonding.

Days, passed and we all started coming closer by doing pranks which teachers never liked, throwing chalks on them, shouting “HOO HAA INDIA AAYA INDIA” slogans, making fun of teachers, cracking jokes in between the classes, taking punishments together, hanging out after school.But, the best thing of our friendship which helped us to get closer was playing together Basket Ball. I used to play basketball from 9th standard itself but others joined me during the 1st term of class 11. Tejas, Chandan and Aloke used to bunk their biology classes to join the match ,while we used to bunk our computer classes. The consequences of which was… The teacher had to strain her mind to recognize me and Aniket and when we went to take our viva exam for computers, the teacher asked us a weird (funny for us) question-“Are you guys from this section?” it was because they had never seen us in the class but our attendance was still good enough, thanks to Ansul, Gaurav and Parag for that.

Class 11 it was and our friendship started to grow a lot stronger and we were not even aware of the amazing adventurous ride that was in store for us.

I bet you will not want to miss the next part of the story. It’s coming out in just few days. Till then just remember your friends, your group, have fun and enjoy the memories.

Why friends are most important part of your life – best explained by this video from “Airtel”


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  1. Nostalgia..!

  2. Gaurav Sultania // January 9, 2015 at 9:55 pm // Reply

    Awesum… Missing the school days now after reading it…Waiting for the next part…

  3. Hey Vikash,

    thanks for the tag… for surely u guys were rockers, not only class but the whole morning shift for that session!!

    Though i was a commerce student but spent most of my time with you guys.. Found superb friends which is among the most important part of my 2 year HVM journey.

    • Absolutely agree with your comments Vishal. Thanks for appreciating the post. Next part is on its way and will be posted soon.

  4. Thank you so much guys for appreciating the post.It means a lot. The 2nd part of the story will be out soon.

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