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“Tuition” and “tutor” are words known to all. But ask the parents and you would know how difficult it is to find one. The Traditional way of hunting for private tutors for the kids begin from the neighbor’s place, then to relatives or the parents of your child’s peer who fare well. And when you find one it may or may not provide satisfactory services.

What if I say that from now on you don’t have to look out for tutors, in fact, they will hunt you and meet your demands?? Almost like Aladdin’s Geenie! Unbelievable, isn’t it??

Well, today we are in conversation with Mr. Digvijay Dey, Digital Marketing Manager at Flipclass. He will help us understand how does the organization work and what strategies they use for digital marketing.

1. Please provide an overview of FlipClass and its journey so far? Also mention the hurdles that you guys had to face in the initial days?

Founded by Vineet Dwivedi in 2013, FlipClass is a Bangalore based online marketplace for home tutors and unlike a traditional class, will get a teacher to a student’s house for a personalized tuition delivery and a one to one experience for the student. Essentially, the company recruits and trains tutors who enable home tuition that are student centric on one hand and cater for tutors’ time and place of convenience on the other. This platform has been designed to address the immediate need to increase the visibility of qualified affordable tutors to parents for their children. Also, delivery of quality tuitions and the assimilation of learning is enhanced exponentially by the learning platform Relemo, which emphasises on’ Read less, learn more.

One of the challenges that we faced in the initial 3 months was to meet the supply demand . Supply from the tutors end and Demand from the Customers end. One of our founders actually went to student’s place to understand the requirement in person to make the process more effective.

2. Are your services available throughout the country and how difficult is the management of different accounts?


We started with Bangalore and the concept was well accepted and later we expanded it to Hyderabad. 3 more cities are lined up for the coming months. We have a very strong technology team which focuses on continuously developing IT infrastructure which makes it easier to manage accounts.

3. The team of flipClass looks very experienced and focused, can you please explain the roles of different team members and how do you guys work on the coordination aspect with each other?

Please refer to this. I take care of Marketing (Digital and Offline) for flipClass. We are a very transparent organization. We believe in communicating on frequent basis to sort out challenges and take everyone’s input to sort out the same. We stay focused on our responsibilities and believe in delivering quality output. The best part is the freedom to experiment. Our CEO believes that every employee of the organization adds value and interacts on a personal level with very individual on the floor.

4. What measures do you take for hiring or registering any tutor? Can you brief us about the special measures Flipclass takes to provide the best academic experience to the students?

flipclassTo verify the capabilities of tutors, FlipClass developed a four-stage process of tutor appraisal, which includes an application (with details like name, qualification, proof of identity, etc.), assessment of knowledge of the subject to be taught, behaviour and social skills, and a final interview. After they qualify, tutors register on the platform. FlipClass also provides training and assistance to tutors by helping them prepare sample papers, and giving them extra material on study topics they may not be well versed with.

After a tutor is assigned to a student, FlipClass monitors the relationship, checking details like class timings, quality of teaching, etc. Dashboards allow parents to have more access to the account and keep tabs on the performance of children. The company also has tutors with special teaching skills to engage with students who are physically or mentally challenged.

5. Ok, now we move on to our favorite topic, how important you think the digital marketing is for FlipClass and how are you doing it currently?

Digital marketing has always been an important aspect for our Organization. Right from Branding to Lead Generation this channel of marketing has always been effective. The very essence of been able to target  audience with a large demography makes Digital Marketing result driven and efficient. We use Facebook, Adwords and email marketing as few channels

6. Are you practicing all the different aspect of digital marketing inhouse or is it mostly outsourced? Which aspect of digital marketing you think is most important for your company?

Most of our digital marketing is inhouse. Only creatives are outsourced. Lead Generation through Facebook and SEM are two very important aspects of digital marketing for FlipClass.

7. The website http://www.flipclass.com/ looks very simple and attractive, any special stress or things you had kept in mind before developing it?

We wanted to keep it simple and easy to understand. The objective is to keep people informed in a simple way. We have a very strong technical team who work hard to make sure, despite features, site loads faster. People want clear information which is easy to understand hence the approach has always remained to be simple .

8. The social media definitely plays a big role for you guys, how does your social media campaign work, can you provide some details to our upcoming digital marketers on how you are using the social media for FlipClass and what things you keep in mind before starting any campaign.

A successful campaign needs to give the right kind of information. If we try to touch the points that serves a purpose, solves a problem or provides solution to a requirement, the campaigns by default become successful. Its all about communicating how a particular service can add value.

9. How do you think the growth of social media platforms and other digital marketing platform like SEO, ANAlytics, SEM ,email marketing will actually affect any company’s growth? 

Digital Marketing has an enormous growth. Any company should opt for marketing their products or services online aswell. A wider audience can be reached out online through a disciplined approach with proper planning and execution. Digital Marketing will always remain evergreen.

10. What can we expect from Flipclass in future?

FlipClass is constantly working hard to provide quality education to students. Integrating technology with our business model, we are focused on giving Students and Tutors the best experience. The intention  is to bring in people with the passion for teaching and connecting them with students who would be benefited. FlipClass has done very well in Bangalore and the pace has started to pick up in Hyderabad. We will expand into other cites in coming few months. We are also providing classes to students in remote location online and this is one of our happiest moments that we are able to help out under privileged children to grow their knowledge. We are working to scale an online teaching model as well so that we are able to help out students from different parts of India.

11. What message will you like to give to our upcoming entrepreneurs?

Always focus on marketing. Use Digital marketing tools effectively. Have a plan set with proper objectives. Try to solve a problem!

Few things that we all should note from FlipClass is the dedication and the way they look at each problem is commendable. There idea is not unique, but they came forward as a team to solve day to day problems which we are facing. According to me this is also innovation which actually help you to improve your lifestyle.

It is easily noticeable the way they leverage from the social media and other digital marketing platforms. Digihooks wishes all the best for their business in future.

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