10 Things about Facebook ad – Indepth Analysis

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In the previous blog, we just identified the points which a marketer needs to check while moving to Facebook ads. In this post, we will get to know the indepth analysis of each and every point that we had mentioned.

1. Do not go to Facebook ad platform, just because everyone is there

Before even launching your Facebook page and spending money there, you need to ask certain questions to yourself. Why do you want to take your business advertisement on Facebook, what benefit will you get from it or what things you expect it to give in return?

You need to be very careful that you should not go and advertise on Facebook just because most of the businesses are doing it. It might suit their business plan that is why they are there, but the question here is, will it give sufficient returns for your business. You need to understand do you have your business audience on Facebook and can it be transformed into customers through Facebook ads.

In short, please do some research before moving on to it. It might be that any other social media might give you better results.


2. Observe what your competitors are doing

This is one of the best ways to kick start your planning stage. Observe the campaigns which our competitors are running. See the tactics they have used to engage the audience. Plug out the loop holes and make sure you do not repeat the same mistake. Do not be impressed by the number of likes they get. Observe the shares they have on each post, check the frequency of posts and the timings as well. This will help you as a guide in planning your campaign.

Understanding the reason behind their ad campaign will actually lead you to have the correct mindset.

3. Plan your campaign even before you go online.

Experts say that if your planning is done with the right formula and is flexible enough to change according to the situation, then execution becomes easier.

Before even going to the Facebook ad panel, all of it must be done on a piece of paper. By the time you go online, you should be able to figure out what you want through the Facebook ad, Who will be your target audience, what will be your budget for the campaign, will you putting text ads ,image ads or video ads. What exactly will you keep the frequency of your posts, what will be the best time to post. Will you be only promoting our page or boosting your posts as well. Do you want to drive traffic to your website, if yes, what engagement method will you use to do that.

Most importantly, what if plan A doesn’t work for you. Do you have your back up plan ready?

 4. Always have various Facebook ad set under one ad campaign(A/B Testing)

Having more than one or two Facebook ad sets with different strategies under one campaign actually help you to analyze which set/plan is working best for you. After analyzing the best set you can stop the other sets and spend the money only on the one working best for you. This helps you to have back up plans and also analyze what works best for your business.

5. Do not consider Like as your primary Metric

Some experts even ask businesses not to consider like as a metric. The main reason behind this is that when you post regularly on Facebook, less than 20% of them are able to even see your posts. And if you want them to show it to them you have to again pay to Facebook for that. It also depends upon business to business. You need to also know, how many of the public which has liked your page actually has read your posts or visited your website or not. Mostly the answer you will be get is that very few even have visited your page second time.

I am not saying ignore it, but do not make it as your prime metric.

6. Understand the Location Targeting option carefully

Before targeting your audience you need to bring your focus from the likes and share metrics to what exactly is your motive from Facebook ad. You want to get your business running with better profits.This will only happen if your customer come to your website where maximum content is available. You need to understand the segment of audience you think will buy your stuffs. Same for the bloggers, you need to understand the section of people who will read your content.

Do not fall into the trap of increasing the number of likes or shares by targeting countries which will never even look at your product/content.

7. Schedule your Facebook ads for smaller period

Selecting a small period to run your Facebook ad provides you a chance of analyzing your ad campaigns better. You can understand and analyze the results and plan in a different manner if something is not as per plan. You can also analyze with the real time data that Facebook gives, but I feel that is not sufficient to understand the audience diversification which actually clicked on our ad.

8. Use the Interest , Age and Gender options wisely

These are my favorite options in the Facebook ad. It actually helps you to directly target the audience which is valuable for you. It will help you reach the audience who will be interested to look at what you are showing and also will eventually turn out to be potential customers.

Imagine if you are a digital marketing training agency and you are running a Facebook ad without using any customization in the interest. It means your ad will be shown to 65 years retired army man and also a student who is in class 10. Looking at your impressive content they also like your page. What is the benefit you get out of it, they can never be your customers even though they have liked your page.

Solution is targeting the audience with interest in digital marketing or marketing professional, or MBA graduates would have made your results more sensible and would have provided you relevant results.

9. Budget- Use it smartly, Do Not pay what Facebook ad suggest

During the time of selecting the amount you will be paying for per click or per like, facebook suggests us a certain amount that will fetch us more likes. I strongly recommend, never put that amount. Use the lowest amount and then run your ad with it. You will realize that either the amount you have put works perfectly or it doesn’t. If it doesn’t work as per planned, Next step – increase the amount slightly, now you would have realized that facebook must have recommended an amount lower than what it was recommending before. Thus, keep on changing the amount and analyze the results. Once you feel the results and the amount you have chosen is perfectly working, lock on that.

10. Content is the King, Design it carefully.

We all know, if our content is not good enough,all the money and time we spend on the Facebook ads,its all waste. Content is the only thing that people see. They do not know what’s going on in the backend. They just want to see relevant content, which might be useful for them or can be informative for them.

Your content might be in an Image or a video format. The size of the image and its guidelines by Facebook must be followed. If it is not followed then automatically your ad will get disapproved. Your image shouldn’t have text more than 20% on it. Few other guidelines can be checked in the panel of Facebook ad manager.

Use the text wisely to post your ideas, You must use at least one or two crisp lines to describe what exactly your ad is about.

In the next post we will come up with the steps to create a Facebook ad campaign.


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