Facebook Ad – 10 Important Things To Remember

facebook ad

Facebook has become the number one social media platform currently both in number of users and also for businesses. Many would contradict the fact that which platform is the best for businesses. It all depends on the segment you belong . India have more than 100 million users of Facebook and it is still growing. The way this platform has evolved from being just a social networking platform to becoming one of major platform of marketing through advertisements.

Facebook came up with “Facebook Ad” which has become a trend now. Currently, all eCommerce businesses who have an online presence seem to move towards this platform for any kind of advertisement. The general flow of people moving to Facebook ad is the presence of large audience there. They have the mindset that they can easily target and get to engage with a greater number of audience.

Facebook ads are being done by almost all the marketers but the problem is very few are able to get the returns out of it. The major reason being their inexperience in creating Facebook ad campaigns. They do not leverage the insights of the Facebook ad instead they just prefer to put the ads on Facebook to generate likes.

Thus, digihooks suggests 10 important things which one should take care while moving on to Facebook ads.

1. Do not go to Facebook ad platform,just because everyone else is there

2. Observe what your competitors are doing

3. Plan your campaign even before you go online

4. Always have various Facebook ad set under one ad campaign (A/B Testing)

5. Do not consider Like as your primary metricĀ  (suggestions for most businesses)

6. Understand the audience targeting option carefully and use as per your business

7. Schedule your Facebook ads for smaller period

8. Use the Interest, Age and Gender option wisely

9. Budget – Use it wisely, do not bid what Facebook suggests

10. Content is king – Design it with some common sense

The next blog post will have indepth analysis of each of the points about Facebook ads. It will explaining why and how the Facebook ads should be done.

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