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Express Yourself There is a line in Hindi by Mahesh Bhatt – “Aap wo nahin hote jo aap dikhate hain ; Aap vo hain jo Aap chupate hain”

This post is just an outcome of some overflowing talent of a person. When this talent gets a platform of digihooks, they grab the opportunity and showcase it to the world.

In conversation with Mr. Tejas Namboodri, a Phd scholar at IIT Guwahati in Biotech. Tejas has been an allrounder from his childhood days. With special interest in music and sports, he managed to take care of his studies with the same enthusiasm.

This blog post by digihooks, is just to show that, hobbies and dreams never die, it just takes a back seat in our lives. But, this shouldn’t happen, we should try and do things which makes us happy. People have perception that if you want to study hard and perform well, hobbies need to take a backseat.They call it as “Sacrifices”, I call it “Stupidity”. Digihooks always believes in showcasing your talent and let others know about your personality and thoughts.

All of social media and digital marketing tools help you to only do one thing- Build you own Brand.” Ask yourself some questions- “What makes you different”, “How can people notice your talent” “what is that X factor in you” and most importantly how to build a “BRAND YOU”

Here I present to you an example of a boy who did manage to study and along with it do things which he loves doing. He did manage to make an impression with his skills and believe he knows the right way to build his brand.

In conversation with Mr. Tejas – “the poet not the scholar from IIT”. He also presents his poem that he has written few days back.

Please tell us in one sentence, who is Tejas Namboodri and why should people know him?

A Research scholar at IIT Guwahati, who wants a piece of everything he ‘can’t’ get..! 😉

If Tejas Namboodri was not into into IIT persuing his PhD , where do you think he would have been? or I would rephrase it, where you would have liked to see yourself?

After getting through for PhD, I feel I was meant to be here, but of course it wasn’t the same feeling before. May be I would have been in some sports.

Do you think mostly people forget their passion, dreams and stop listening to what their heart says? Have you faced it?

There is one thing I have learned from experience, “Passion comes from Success”.We feel hunger to ensure we don’t starve. Similarly, we feel passion to ensure we concentrate our efforts on things that reward us the most. People do bury their dreams and start working in fields they have no clue or liking of any sort.

Now as we have this amazing digital platform,do you think people should express their views about important things and bring out their talent in front of the world?

This forum can provide a very nice platform to showcase one’s talents/hobbies, and bleed out everything which wants to come out (not literally ;))..!

What is theme of the poem that you have written?

Everyone is caught up in various questions each day. Whether my life has changed? How has it changed? Is it for better? Why was it not perfect? In this whole quest each and every person goes from one extreme to another. Sometimes one feels Life is always changing, then the very next moment one feels, Life was always the same. Nothing has changed..!

Presenting the lines that he has written:-

Through the window I watch,

Windows are for watching,

Square pieces of life,

Life ever changing..

Heaven gives our years of fading strength,

Indemnifying fleetness!

And those of youth, a seeming length,

Proportioned to their sweetness!

Let me but live my life from year to year..

Not mourning for the things that disappear..

Still seeking what I sought when but a boy,

New friendship, high adventure and a crown..

My heart will keep the courage of the quest,

And hope the road’s last turn will be the best..

Through the window I watch,

Windows are for watching,

Life full of circles,

Fading..but never changing..!

Digihooks, is glad to have Mr.Tejas and thanks him for his views on current situation of social life and mindset. This blog post is only to bring out the fact that in this world if you have talent, you got to shout it out loud on the digital platform. You may be a poet or a sportsman or a designer, you have to make “brand you”. This is the only way you will be remembered and distinguished from the society.

Express Yourself –  “Build your brand and get noticed.”

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