Digital Marketing Trends

digital marketing trends

Digital Marketing Trends“Almost overnight, the Internet is gone from a technical wonder to a business must.” – by Bill Schrader, businessman

This video by “Garry Mclachlan” Provides us a even more clear picture.

The growth of digital marketing in past 10 years has been immense. But, I would say the next 2-3 years will surely change the trend of the usual digital marketing practices. It is going to be different where more tools, automation and new requirements will make their way into the digital stage.

According to the user behavior and upcoming trends, we may note some points while predicting certain digital marketing trends, in the coming years.

  • Content will still remain the king and will make a stronger impact on the business.
  • Delivery of the content in a customized manner, as per users requirement, behavior, geographic locations, interest etc. will be most important.
  • Website experience should not only be good , companies should focus on providing a delightful experience to the customer.
  • With the average time spent by a user on any website is reducing from 4seconds, which means the importance of website design and its content will have more relevance.
  • UX and UI of the website will have significant role to play as one of the effective digital marketing trends in future.
  • Social Media will become more effective in the growth of any company’s business and it’s social acceptance.
  • Business will start moving towards other Social Media platforms apart from Facebook and Twitter for growing their user base.
  • #Pinterest will start playing a key role in the world of social media marketing.
  • Web Analytics and understanding of its data will be more challenging for marketers. The amount of data that will be available with the analysts will be huge and it will only increase the confusion for the marketers.
  • Understanding of Email Marketing will still play a key role in digital marketing campaigns.
  • Email Marketing being the cheapest form of marketing will play a big role as before, only if it is used with perfect standard rules.
  • Spamming of mails will increase, if not sent with proper settings, as rules for email marketing will get tougher.
  • Understanding customers view point, behavior, interest will become more relevant.
  • Just by looking at their replies, posts, feedback and available data, companies should be in a situation to analyze their future behavior and their next step towards their brand. They should be in a situation to transform a negative response of a customer into a “Hot Lead”.
  • Understanding and creating ad campaigns under the prescribed rules will be very significant.
  • With Google putting more and more stress on relevant content and providing best search results for customers, landing pages should be highly optimized.
  • Businesses will have to develop more than two to three campaigns for testing and go for the best option according to their results
  • Social Media advertising is here to stay and will surely make a big impact only for companies who do not overdo it.
  • Companies will eventually learn that social media isn’t meant for selling its meant to have more user engagement
  • Companies will come back again to Search Engine Optimization and stop overdoing the #Adword campaigns.

Few of the prominent predictions made may not turn out to be true but one thing is for sure, the year 2015 will be something different. The digital marketing platform is on an exponential growth and marketers who fall in line will survive this wave. People who are ready to change themselves with the changing features, new digital marketing trends and are ready to learn new tools of marketing will become stronger and make a big impact on the digital society.


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