Digital Marketing – “The Next Big Thing”

Digital Marketing“Innovation needs to be part of your culture. Consumers are transforming faster than we are, and if we don’t catch up, we’re in trouble.”- by Ian Schafer

The video by “Octane Mailman” makes it more clear about the growth in online marketing in a developing country like India.

I think we got to agree with the fact that 10 years back very few of us would have thought that the traditional way of marketing will be replaced by the digital platform in such a quick period. I still remember that about 5 years back,most of the population especially in countries like India, where I live, people were still not aware of this platform and were even scared to exchange their data online, or buy something online or even book tickets online. They were just not that comfortable. But, as the major chunk of the population started to have their online presence through social media and other digital marketing platforms, both smaller and bigger companies understood the fact that they need to engage themselves with the consumers. And the best way they could find was moving their company’s marketing strategy from typical, regular, conventional marketing to the digital platform. This is just the demand of the situation and the changing need and behavior of customers in this era of internet.


According to the above pie chart shared by Internet World Stats, it tells us,why all the companies wanted to move to the digital platform. With the growth of the internet users all over the world especially in India, we did not have any other better choice to engage with the customers directly. It has eventually turned out to be the easiest and convenient way of targeting more audience at lesser cost, customizing products according to customers and providing them a delightful experience.

The major thing that one can point out from the above data is that companies realized that the number of people they can reach out from the digital platform as compared to the traditional media, was remarkably more. The most important point to know here is – we have realized that we can reach to million more users and engage with them directly one on one at a cost that is 60% to 70% lower than that of traditional marketing.

digital marketingWith the predictions made by the various websites and marketing analysts about the growth of digital marketing in the next few years are just astonishing, and we just cannot doubt any of those predictions. Now-a-days, we can seek some of the best examples of Analytics from small vegetable sellers or taxi drivers, who actually understand the fact from where they are getting maximum number of customers, where to focus more, which customers to provide more discount, how to be different from others.In short,they are also analyzing the various datas that come to their way and respond accordingly.It may not be the conventional way of analyzing but these people are doing it on their own level and with their own understanding.

We understand the fact that we now have our own unique identity in this world specially because of the several digital platforms, social media platforms,blogging platforms etc. This digital platform is expanding rapidly and is highly customizable.But the key question that needs to be self-analyzed is “Have you been able to make your presence unique and have you delivered something useful to the digital society, to make yourself stand out from the general crowd?”

With the growing need of having a separate experienced digital marketing team for the business,digital marketing is among the top 5  jobs required according to LinkedIn and other prominent job portals. Even Economic Times-one of the leading newspapers of India has predicted that by 2016 digital marketing will be one of the major areas where high number of recruitment in different companies will take place.

With the tremendous usage of this platform by the entertainment sector, manufacturing sector, designers, etc. the reach of the platform has extended to all the sectors. The most shocking is the way it is being used so effectively by the Political Parties for their election campaigns. Thus, the marketers need to be more careful in the way they design their marketing campaign . They need to be more sure on “What and How” exactly they deliver their content to the people. Interestingly, their image or results of the campaign also depend on the fact that how do they interact with the users after delivering the content. It will not be about providing a good experience to your customers, it will be about who provides a delightful experience to them. In few words we can say that, all depends on “How special you make your users feel”.

This being the first post from Digihooks, the focus was on providing a bit of introduction to what exactly you can expect in the future posts. Digihooks will be delivering more in-depth content of digital marketing in the upcoming blog posts. You will be receiving your digital scoop of blogs having various key concepts, real time case studies and interviews of experts who are applying it it in their business. We are here to stay and make even a layman understand and actually apply the various tricks and concepts real time so that we can bring as many users as possible on board to the  NEXT BIG THING OF FUTURE – “Digital Marketing World”.

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