Being Social

social Being SocialSociety is like a large piece of frozen water; and skating well is the great art of social life.” – By Letitia Elizabeth Landon

See this video by “Chumbak” which explains how social mindset should be

You know “Keeda” is an Hindi word which means “Insect”. I personally believe that all individuals have this social keeda. It maybe in different manner and in our own ways but we do have it. We lead our daily lives and we experience lot of stuffs which we feel like sharing with others. It might be a feeling or your opinion about something, but we do have something to express. But, very few of us express it. We always keep our thoughts,experiences within ourselves. At max share we share it with our closed ones. But guys in this era of digital Marketing it is time to share your experiences with every single person. Not being social is just a crime to the society.

It is time to shout it loud on the digital platform. Let others know what you actually feel and get to know the others prospective on that. It will surely change your life and bring a lot more information and knowledge in your own database.

This blog is just to express our thoughts on various subjects. It helps me to bring out what i feel about any subject or a social issue. It provides me the platform to express myself.

Being social in my personal life, i had to put this section in the blog. It has nothing related to any technical stuff or studies or any other industrial knowledge sharing. It is majorly about my experiences, opinions and feelings about the things which i would like to share it with all the readers.Its all about expressing your feelings, letting your close ones, your friends know what you think about them, what are your views of the society.

It includes categories like Lifestyle , Travel and Social Life

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Come out of the shell and express 🙂