The Truth Behind Indian Advertising Industry


Advertising was always meant to be small, crisp and catchy. But, in today’s digital world the meaning of advertising seems to have changed. Currently, with digital marketing ruling the online sphere of business, advertisements have become an integral part of it. You can also say that it is the best platform to showcase your content and reach your audience directly.

advertisingThe image clearly shows that currently the digital and television together cover around 35% of advertising. In the era of 90’s and beginning of the year 2000 advertising was always small and to the point.

All this started with Google and Nescafe coming out with their 2 min advertisement on YouTube. Their success eventually took YouTube with storm of videos of more than 3 mins. This includes most of the banks like ICICI, LIC who came up with more than 4min advertisements. The problem here is not in the length of the video. The problem here is with the thought that goes behind the reason to make it. Brands do not realize the fact that something which has worked for some other brand doesn’t mean it will work for their brand as well.

Here are 4  key points which is taking the advertising industry to a direction which is completely different from its actual definition.

1. Advertising is not about story telling:

Now a days, we all must have seen the trend of showing 3 to 4 min long advertisements on various digital media specially YouTube. This strategy of digital marketers of providing unnecessarily long advertisements is taking this industry nowhere.

Advertisements are now being targeted to catch human emotions and sell their brand on that basis. Problem is they tend to forget is there is a difference storytelling and advertising. Long commercials on free medium like YouTube are being used extensively by marketers. They have forgotten the fact that making videos of good content of just 30seconds is far more difficult than making a video of 3-4mins.

2. Making a longer advertisement is far easier than making a 30sec Advertising campaign:

It requires a lot of skill to put all you want to showcase to your audience in just 20 to 30sec. You need to have creativity and also skills to catch the right note of catching your audience. You can speak and show what you want in 3 to 4mins easily as you have time duration to do so, but that’s not the case with actual advertisement.

The below image shows how exactly the advertisers think now a days.

advertising3. Bad use of Digital Media

The availability of free digital media to show their content, companies are now using it in a manner that is very harmful for the marketing ecosystem. The current strategy is to put an advertisement on YouTube which is a free media and see the response of the audience. If it works, then they just cut and paste on the television. Advertisers need to understand that no doubt it is a free media but putting up bad content will hamper their brand.

4. Lose of Creativity

Putting any commercial in just 30sec demands immense skills and presence of mind. But, currently the trend of just collecting all information, putting it together with sprinkling of emotional touch is just hampering the creative brain of the advertising industry. The skillset of marketers of making small and crisp content is not being enhanced. They are not being shown the correct manner to make genuine content. This might even lead to brain drain of marketers.

The industry needs to understand that if someone has made an advertisement of more than 3mins and it has worked for them, it doesn’t mean it will work for their business also. Marketers need to understand human psychology who loves to read and see only small contents. We know the time spent by any human on websites and videos is decreasing day by day. Thus marketers should start focusing again on making some meaningful advertisements in small packets.

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