Advertising In India – An Industry With A Bright Future

adverstising in india

Advertising In India – Creative without strategy is called ‘art.’ Creative with strategy is called ‘advertising.”  by Jef I. Richards

All of us understand the fact that past 5 years has been the emergence of advertising agencies in a full-fledged manner. Advertisements have always been a part and parcel of any business. It may be small scale or a multi-national company, but advertising had a good chunk of their financial capital. Advertising your business is like breathing air to survive. If you are not letting the consumers know about yourself and your product then, how can you even expect them to procure it.

India has seen a fast growth as far as marketing strategy change is concerned. During the late 80’s radio was the major source of advertisement. But, during the 90’s advertising in India on television geared up and started concurring the business of advertising. Almost all the major brands started using this channel to engage with the users/consumers. Television still holds the major chunk of the advertising in India. During 2014 India experienced a growth of almost 13% with the flow of almost 50,000 crore rupees being floated in the advertising world. The main reason for this huge money was the use of advertisements on the digital platform in the elections. India for the first time saw the political parties advertising so extensively.

advertising in india

In the past 5-8 years, we have seen drastic change in the way digital marketing has grown. With the introduction of various digital marketing platforms, the marketing has become far more engaging as compared to before. We have a lot more options now to channelize our product reach and also deliver the ads to the correct audience. With the availability of social media, there is a direct interaction between the user and the business. The immense and fast growth of mobile usage for internet and various other innovations has made marketing more creative and versatile.

advertising  in indiaThe above picture depict some of the great ads of print media. The print media was the strongest and most engaging medium of early 90’s.

From the mid 90’s television ads started to become more and more famous. With the emerging brands like AMUL, Cadbury, COCA COLA , Pepsi, NIRMA etc , the television advertisement segment took a big step towards betterment of ad standards.

advertising in india

But presently, marketing is no more a way to just showcase your product in the market. In the present era marketing is how beautifully and creatively you can show your product so that it connects to the consumer’s heart at a single shot.

This blog post is not about what is marketing or evolution of marketing or any such thing. This blog post is only dedicated to bring out the changing trends of how marketers have responded to the changing trends and what are the tools or strategies being used by them currently.

Changing mindset of Consumers:

Advertising in India has changed drastically can be easily understood from the image below. This social media ad by Fevicol (A Glue) shows the creativity that has been put behind this. 

advertising in indiaWith the evolution of the internet, the mindset of users have also changed. The main reason which has led to the change in different marketing strategies is the growth in the thinking process of the consumer society. The users now are very matured in what they want to buy or sell or experiment with or even see it. The growth of the common man over the internet has led to more and more people being more cautious and choosy in what they want to take.

With the emergence of more digital platforms and more ways to reach the consumers, users are getting benefited by getting more options for even buying a pencil. Users now want to get the best thing at the best price.

The best example of this can be observed from the growth of E Commerce industry. Until 2008, I do not think there were many users in India who would have gone for online shopping instead we preferred going to the shopping malls. Day by day, when the general public started building trust and also got excellent deals online, we saw a huge transformation in the trend. Now, the situation is most of the shopping malls are just for food courts or theaters.

The reason for this evolution is that the consumers have now started to understand from where they are getting more benefit and how to search for the best option. One of the main reasons why the current business are very cautious in what they are presenting to the society is the SOCIAL MEDIA. People have a got very mighty weapon of social media by which they can bring out their emotions (good or bad) in the most effective manner. This can either help a brand or destroy its image. The ones who have survived it means are providing the best service to the society. In the current society, it is almost a suicide if a brand is trying to sell something by fooling the audience because even if they become a success initially, later when people realize it, their brand will take a dive and then nobody will be able to save them.


The advertisement from Google about the reunion of two long lost friends is one of the examples how making of an advertisement has evolved. During the years when television was the only medium to showcase most of your business to major chunk of the population, advertisers had very few space to experiment. They had to put all their creativity in just 10-20secs ad or max of 30secs. But, the real problem during the early days was the way a product was showcased to the customers. The whole ad was just done as a request in front of someone to buy the product instead of showing why someone should prefer them over other competitors. Very few companies like coca cola, Amul, Dhara , Airtel and few more were able to strike the right cord and presented some ads which is remembered till now.

Presently, the advertisers have the chance and option of expressing their content in whatever manner they want. They have many options starting from the print to the television and most importantly social media. In the current marketing era, content is considered to be the king and is given maximum importance. With the availability of several tools and better vision, things look very easy, but it is as difficult as it was 10 years back or I would say more difficult than it was then. In the current situation, you cannot put any content and expect people to watch it. We have so many options now-a-days that if we don’t like something we can simply switch over to something which suits our requirements. Thus, marketers have to be very careful on what they present.

“Advertising in India is the art of convincing people to spend money they don’t have for something they don’t need”

advertising in india

Emergence of digital marketing and social media has definitely helped the best advertisers to exploit the social media marketing platform to the best way they can. No doubt social media has given the consumers a space where they can express any bad points about your content but it is also the best way to get positive feedbacks from them. If our content is good and people like it, then nobody can stop our advertisement to become viral.

Broadcasting ads on Television is very costly as it is to put on social media, therefore, now-a-days many of the reputed brands experiment by putting all their advertisements on YouTube or Facebook and then judge the user sentiments on it. We have a beautiful example of a famous brand – “Nescafe “.

Nescafe introduced their ad on YouTube just as an experiment. Within a day the video became viral and then they had put that on TV. This proves the importance of social media which can be used as the way to showcase your product and experiment new things.

Another aspect of current advertisements is connecting with the audience as fast as you can. We see that ads of ICICI bank or Cadbury or retirement plan ads are able to connect with us very easily. All these advertisements have a likeability factor about them that just binds us to their content. We just don’t remember whether there was an actor in that ad or a sports star. We only remember the theme which touched us at the very first sight of the advertisement. This is the biggest change I find in the current marketing and advertising world where brands are trying to exploit the human emotions in a good way to connect them to their products. As long as they are able to utilize the best from the available resources and deliver something which is new and fresh, society will accept it with both hands.

In short we sayGood advertising does not mean to just circulate information. It penetrates the public mind and heart with desires and belief.

In the next few post digihooks, will try and focus how advertisements and marketing strategies on the online platform can be made better.





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