12 Important points to remember about SEO


Before Writing Anything, Plan following things:

  1. You target Audience.
  2. What is the problem or queries they are facing.
  3. Are you going to find solution for all their problem.
  4. Always put your own thought and ideas to solve the problem instead of looking what others have written.
  5. What will be the best platform to showcase and send you content to your audience.

Check out the 12 most important points to remember while doing SEO:

Keyword Research:

  • Most important part of SEO is the use of right and most searched keyword.
  • Search for right keyword by using Google Keyword Planner.
  • Choose the keyword that is relevant to your content.
  • Build the content around the keyword.
  • Number of times your keyword should appear in the text is defined by the length of the content.For eg- if it has 1500 words then keyword appear more than 18.It helps in SEO rankings.


  • It should be crisp and catchy.
  • It should contain the keyword in it.
  • Avoid using “” or “– “ in the heading.
  • Take examples from this link..

URL Link/ Permalink:

  • It should be small.
  • It must contain the keyword as well.
  • You can use various tools to shorten it while putting on any social media.


  • It should be more than 300 words.
  • It is preferred to keep our content less than 1200 words.
  • It should contain keyword in the first paragraph and regular intervals.
  • Use of small sentences should be promoted in order to make easy reading for visitors which provides better SEO results.
  • Use of images wherever needed.

Image with Alt-tags:

  • Use of relevant images.
  • The quality and size of the image should be appropriate.
  • Must use alt-tags for images as it is helpful in SEO.
  • Alt-tag must have the keyword in it.


  • Use of inbound and outbound links are always recommended in SEO.
  • Inbound links to your content of website will help to get more traffic to different pages of website.
  • Necessary outbound links to different website is also important.
  • It must be highlighted in the content for users to see it easily.

Anchor Text:

  • Use anchor text to define any links. It means do not just paste a link in the content, instead use words to define them which will take the user to the desired landing page by clicking on to it.
  • For eg- if we want the user to read a blog about Google Analytics, thus we will not be putting a link here. Instead we will use anchor text- GOOGLE ANALYTICS- IN DEPTH ANALYSIS.


  • Use subheading in the content with keyword inserted into it.

SEO Title:

  • This title appears when we see our content on Google search.
  • SEO title must contain 40 characters and should not exceed 70 characters.
  • It should contain keyword in it.

Meta Description:

  • This is the description that appears just below the SEO title in Google search.
  • It should define the content in less than 150 words i.e. crisp and catchy.
  • It must contain the keyword as well.


  • Use of tags relevant to your content is very important in SEO.
  • Tags can also be used with reference to keyword planner.
  • It helps in providing better results for your content if the reader searches for anything using your tag or keyword.

XML Sitemap:

  • This helps in providing a better chance for the Search engine crawler to index your pages and show in search results.
  • It can be done for all search engines.
  • It’s done with the help of Robot Txt file.
  • More details on sitemaps.

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